About Us

About us

JB RENT began its story in 2021, at the end of June. At the time, we were just a few steps away from our current location... things looked like this...

We started off in good spirits with a ton of optimism and great relationships with everything and everyone around us. This quickly led to tons of happy customers and with each new day we further built up our reputation in Kranjska Gora.

The next year, 2022, brought a new location and a new beginning. Brimming with enthusiasm, we built up both our team and our range of products.

We also spruced up, renovated, and reopened the SPORTY BAR.

Refreshing drinks flowed, homemade pixie ice cream was scooped, and paninis and pizzas provided a bite to eat next to a frothy stein of beer.

Another project we launched was a certified playground, so kids and parents alike could play together and enjoy themselves outside of Kranjska Gora’s most picturesque establishment.

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